Reason #270: CODA

When In Through The Out Door was released I was 11 years old, and while I was familiar with Stairway To Heaven ITTOD served as my introduction to Led Zeppelin. I’m sure it… Continue reading

Reason #271: La Folie

My favorite Stranglers album was released in 1979 (Rattus Norvegicus), but there are still three LP’s in their huge discography that will make this list. We start with La Folie. I went back… Continue reading

Reason #272: Architecture And Morality

This little list of mine is random; I pick albums, and other stuff, from the 1980’s as they come to me. If I was ranking the albums (man what a nightmare that would… Continue reading

The 100 Greatest Alternative Singles Of The ’80’s

This should be interesting…CLICK HERE. Not a bad start, actually…

Sometimes I Don’t Get You

Hey, I fully understand the subjective nature of music enjoyment, I do. That is, why someone can listen, often, to something you either find heinous or just flat out don’t understand. Some can… Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Nick Lowe

*(This EP cover is an excellent example of how Nick infuses humo(u)r into his music) Eleven years ago I knew three things about Nick Lowe. That he wrote ’What’s So Funny ’Bout Peace Love… Continue reading

Top 15 Albums (plus 54 others)

Stephen over at the excellent music blog 1001albumsin10years threw out this challenge: “Happy September to all, On September 15th, many bloggers in this community (myself included) are planning to post about their “Top… Continue reading

Who The Hell Does Dan Bejar Remind Me Of?

Alternative Yacht-Rocker Dan Bejar, of Destroyer fame, has just released a new album (Poison Season). I became aware of him through his full time gig in the New Pornographers, but became a fan… Continue reading

Top 100 Albums Of The ’80’s? Ummm, Sort Of…

So to continue the Pitchfork bashing, and since we all had such a nice discussion over their “Songs Of The ’80’s” list, I thought I’d add fuel to the fire while I await… Continue reading

Reason #273: Blue Sunshine

Fact #1. This album was named after a fictional (at the time) pharmaceutical grade LSD tab. Fact #2. “The Glove” moniker was in homage to a character in The Beatles movie Yellow Submarine.… Continue reading