Reason #261: Psychocandy

It took a long time for Psychocandy’s charms to infect me. Back in ’85 I was heavily into hardcore punk and the fringes of what used to pass for “alternative” pop/Post Punk (Bauhaus,… Continue reading

“We interrupt this broadcast…”

Just had to share this on-the-money commentary from the fine folks over at The Quietus. This whole Laming Lips (yes, leaving the “F” off is is intentional)/Miley Cyrus thang has got to stop.… Continue reading

Reason #262: Stella

My one complaint with 1983’s You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess was the tinny production values. There is no such problem here, even on original pressings, from what I can gather. It… Continue reading

Reasons #266,265,264,263:

Been busy with budget these last few weeks, thus the absence of any new postings, but here we go with yet another installment of the list! The contention with some punks back-in-da-day was… Continue reading

Reason #267: Live In Europe

Happy Halloween, everyone. In honor of this most heinous of holidays I present to you my favorite ghoulish 80’s retro-weasels, The Fuzztones, and their 1987 live album. Screw you, Allmusic; this is a… Continue reading

Reason # 268: Working Class Dog

Let’s start with the brief review Allmusic has posted on their site: “Forget that Rick Springfield was a soap star for a moment and listen to his music, because he made some of… Continue reading

Reason #269: Surfer Rosa

The original thought for this blog was that each post would take a fraction of the time it took over at my other blog, The Nightmare. I naively thought I could just come… Continue reading

Reason #270: CODA

When In Through The Out Door was released I was 11 years old, and while I was familiar with Stairway To Heaven ITTOD served as my introduction to Led Zeppelin. I’m sure it… Continue reading

Reason #271: La Folie

My favorite Stranglers album was released in 1979 (Rattus Norvegicus), but there are still three LP’s in their huge discography that will make this list. We start with La Folie. I went back… Continue reading

Reason #272: Architecture And Morality

This little list of mine is random; I pick albums, and other stuff, from the 1980’s as they come to me. If I was ranking the albums (man what a nightmare that would… Continue reading