Reason#278: Blue Monday

The 12″ was just as important as the album during the 1980’s, and I suppose one could make the argument that the 12″ was more historically significant than the album, too, and Blue… Continue reading

The Best Albums Released Since 2000…maybe.

In 2012 I published my “Best Albums Since 2000” list. I thought it would be a fun exercise to look back on this post to see how right I was, but instead of patting myself… Continue reading

Reason #279: Micro-Phonies

I first heard Sensoria in a little underground dance club in the mid-’80’s called Matches. I think it was located in Mississauga, Ontario (a few dozen kilometers from Toronto). The place served alcohol… Continue reading

Reason #281 & #280: Sons And Fascination/Sister Feelings Call

From Allmusic: “Sister Feelings Call was initially a bonus LP sold with part of the initial pressing of 1981’s Sons and Fascination. A month after Sons and Fascination was released, Sister Feelings Call… Continue reading

Reason #283 & #282: Bad Reputation and I Love Rock And Roll

Credit I Love Rock and Roll in breaking down my teenage boy prejudices against women fronted rock bands. There was no way you could listen to I Love Rock and Roll and it’s… Continue reading

Wilco Drop New Album…and it’s FREE

I’ve given this a couple of listens and it has definitely grown on me. Some really neat textures on here, and enough experimentation to make me a happy fan. Go ahead and download… Continue reading

Reason #284: Tango In The Night

I can remember a time when mentioning you liked Fleetwood Mac was akin to walking in on someone who is using the bathroom, or having the ass of your pants rip in public. The… Continue reading

Reason #285: Pretenders

The Pretenders debut stands amongst the best of all time, and rightfully so. How can someone right out of the gate write a pop song as great as Brass In Pocket? Really, in… Continue reading

Reason #286: Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables

That the Dead Kennedys are listed as “Pop/Rock” in the Allmusic archives is telling. What was once considered “punk”, or “hardcore”, or “thrash” is no longer. Time has softened it’s edges as harder,… Continue reading

Reason #287: Hot Shots

So, a compilation makes the list, eh? Here there are no rules, only good tunes. So let’s talk about Trooper, a Canadian band often described as “pedestrian but passable Seventies Rock N Roll”.… Continue reading