Goodbye Stranger(s)…

It’s been a while since my last post and I’m here to tell you that it’s going to be even longer. I am taking an extended hiatus from blogging for a while. I… Continue reading

Reasons #198 & #197: Business As Usual and Cargo

From the “Weird and Poppy” files comes this double shot from ¬†Australia. The ’80’s was a bizarre and wonderful time for pop music; a time when songs about Vegemite sandwiches sung by a… Continue reading

Reasons #208-199: Prince In The 1980’s

I try to compose and schedule the majority of these posts months in advance, because the only quiet “me” time available to do these kind of things is at night…VERY late at night,… Continue reading

Reason #209: Enjoy The Creeps

“To do then now would be retro. To do then then was very now-tro, if you will.“-Mark Shubb Imagine a world, if you will, where Eric Burden fronted The Count Five and not… Continue reading

Reason #210: Bloody Nonsense

Any chance I have to wax poetic about the songwriting genius of Pat Smith and Max Eider is a chance I will take gladly. I have maintained my obsession with the output of… Continue reading

Reason #211:Working With Fire And Steel: Possible Pop Songs, Volume 2

Of course there has never been a “Volume One”, but that was the ’80’s. China Crisis were among the best and brightest of the British synth-pop bands. Often (and oddly) considered the English… Continue reading

Reason #212: Time

Time, my favorite ELO album and rated a sickly 2-stars by Allmusic. This 1981 effort was recently cited as a major influence on Grandaddy, one of my favorite bands of the last 20… Continue reading

Reason #213: Root Hog Or Die

Another sex obsessed psychobilly effort from the gruesome twosome, and just as fantastic as the ones that came before it. As usual it’s good to go into a MN/SR album with the lowest… Continue reading

Reason #214: Mob Rules

The Sabbath albums I grew up with were the self titled debut, Paranoid, Master Of Reality , 4, and Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (which has the best cover art IMO), courtesy of raiding older… Continue reading

Reason #215: 1984

There is no denying that the David Lee Roth version of Van Halen was the shit. Resistance is futile, even if you derided them back in high school you have to give it… Continue reading