Lists are funny things. Another “f”word I’d use to describe them, especially music lists, is frustrating. Pitchfork recently released their Top 200 Songs Of The 1980’s, and I’ll throw the link up in… Continue reading

Reason #275: Mike’s Murder

The “soundtrack” to a pretty terrible ’80’s movie, if memory serves. A quick Allmusic search reminds me that these songs were recorded around the same time as those on Night And Day, and… Continue reading

Reason #276: Rattlesnakes

Lloyd Cole joined the ranks of my favorite intelligent, sensitive and eccentric British singer/songwriters (others include, but are not limited to, the following: Pat Fish (Jazz Butcher), Edwyn Collins (Orange Juice/solo), Robyn Hitchcock… Continue reading

Reason #277: …Famous Last Words

If George Harrison and Steely Dan had a baby it’d sound an awful lot like Supertramp. The ‘Tramp had two distinctly different singer/songwriters and by the time of this album, the last with… Continue reading

A Junkie and His Music

I wake up in the middle of a pile of jewel cases strewn about the floor like empty vials of crack cocaine and wonder what the hell just happened. I’m sweating like a… Continue reading

Reason#278: Blue Monday

The 12″ was just as important as the album during the 1980’s, and I suppose one could make the argument that the 12″ was more historically significant than the album, too, and Blue… Continue reading

The Best Albums Released Since 2000…maybe.

In 2012 I published my “Best Albums Since 2000” list. I thought it would be a fun exercise to look back on this post to see how right I was, but instead of patting myself… Continue reading

Reason #279: Micro-Phonies

I first heard Sensoria in a little underground dance club in the mid-’80’s called Matches. I think it was located in Mississauga, Ontario (a few dozen kilometers from Toronto). The place served alcohol… Continue reading

Reason #281 & #280: Sons And Fascination/Sister Feelings Call

From Allmusic: “Sister Feelings Call was initially a bonus LP sold with part of the initial pressing of 1981’s Sons and Fascination. A month after Sons and Fascination was released, Sister Feelings Call… Continue reading

Reason #283 & #282: Bad Reputation and I Love Rock And Roll

Credit I Love Rock and Roll in breaking down my teenage boy prejudices against women fronted rock bands. There was no way you could listen to I Love Rock and Roll and it’s… Continue reading