Reason #216: Louder Than Bombs

Released a few years after the epic and career defining odds ‘n’ sods compilation Hatful Of Hallow, Louder Than Bombs is 4 sides (vinyl) of brilliant B-Sides, BBC sessions and the odd album… Continue reading

Reason #217: Document

After devouring R.E.M.’s debut, Murmur, I kind of lost track of this band for three years, and then Document was released. It would be the last R.E.M. album I would own for decades.… Continue reading

Reason #218: Shuttered Room

A much nervier release than Reach The Beach (their polished new wave masterpiece of 1983), this debut from what many here in North America consider “one hit wonders” is a terrific record from… Continue reading

Reason #219: Script Of The Bridge

Such an underrated band, these guys. All three Chameleons albums from the 1980’s deserve to be here, and this debut is my favorite of the bunch. It’s not regarded as the best in… Continue reading

Reason #220: Feed Us A Fetus, and many more…

Full disclosure: I don’t listen to much hardcore punk nowadays, but I devoured it in the early-mid ’80’s. This post will serve as representation for all of the puerile, silly, stupid hardcore I… Continue reading

Reason #225-221: It Came From Canada!

There were three major outlets for kids to find out about new bands before the internet: friends, magazines and compilation albums. I relied most heavily on the first two, but occasionally I would… Continue reading

Reason #226: Tyrants Of Teen Trash

I remember being handed a copy of the Lenny Kaye curated “Nuggets: Original Artyfacts Of  The First Psychedelic Era 1965-1968”  and being completely overwhelmed by what I was hearing. It opened my mind… Continue reading

Shine A Little Love

“The treasure chest of unheard and under-appreciated bands must surely be running dry, what with us coming close to two full decades of CD-Age vault-plundering and with multitudes of internet sites cratedigging for… Continue reading

Reason #227: No Sleep ‘Till Hammersmith

Lemmy is gone, goddammit! No more new Motorhead albums. Bummer! I swear I thought if anyone was going to outlive Keith Richards it was going to be Lemmy. But no, he is gone… Continue reading

Reason #228: Swoon

Prefab Sprout is one of my all time favorite bands, but I absolutely hate their name. It’s one of those band names that just sounds pretentious, stand-offish and just plain dumb. As a… Continue reading