Reason #245: Tattoo You

There’s an interesting discussion over at Kamer Tunes blog in regards to the merits of latter day Rolling Stones albums, particularly Dirty Work. The conversation gets really interesting in the comments section, and Rich… Continue reading

Reason #246: Sweets From A Stranger

 The following song titles from the Squeeze album Sweets From A Stranger wouldn’t necessarily  give the prospective listener the feeling the band were totally secure of the direction they were headed, do they: Out Of Touch, I Can’t… Continue reading

Reason #247: Permanent Waves

I tell you what, listening to Geddy’s vocals on Rush’s newest live release, R40, makes me sad. He just can’t sing the high notes anymore. The band, including Ged on bass and keyboards,… Continue reading

Reason #248: Let’s Dance

Aside from responding to the posts of others I have refrained from offering my opinion on the death of David Bowie here on this blog for a number of reasons, all of them… Continue reading

Reason #249: Max Headroom

Something a little different today, folks. A favorite blog of mine, Moving The River, crafted an amazing post about ’80’s icon Max Headroom, and since I certainly couldn’t do any better here’s the… Continue reading

Just Because I think We Could All Do With A Little Nonsense Right About Now

Reason #250: Another Perfect Day

Ahhhh, Lemmy. You were one of a kind, a real rock and roll icon. Rest In Peace, you luvable madman, you!  Thank GOD I was lucky enough to see Motorhead live. They opened… Continue reading

Reason #252 & #251: Sons and Fascination/Sister Feelings Call

Two albums that came out almost simultaneously in 1981, SAF/SFC still showcase a band pushing the boundaries, artistically and aurally, but also shows a glimpse of their stadium filling future. SAF contains more of… Continue reading

Reason #253: Oranges and Lemons

Probably their most overt nod to mid-’60’s psychedelia (aside from Dukes Of Stratosphere, of course), and an absolute brilliant album to boot, containing some of their most classic numbers, like Mayor Of Simpleton (an… Continue reading

Reason #254: Suspended Animation

Happy New Year, everyone! Here’s hoping 2016 is a good ‘un! Let’s start out with a bit of an obscurity, an album nearly every Canadian my age will recognize and pretty much no… Continue reading