Reason #253: Oranges and Lemons

xtc__s_oranges_and_lemons_by_lordwindowlicker-d3b7xlc_1391987181_crop_550x550Probably their most overt nod to mid-’60’s psychedelia (aside from Dukes Of Stratosphere, of course), and an absolute brilliant album to boot, containing some of their most classic numbers, like Mayor Of Simpleton (an insidious melody, and a great singalong), King For A Day, Garden Of Earthly Delights (just as, um, delightfully pastoral and dreamy as the title suggests), and especially the absolute stunner entitled Chalkhills and Children. Pink Thing is an ode to Andy Partridge’s “pink thing”, and even though the album contains some filler (what XTC album doesn’t, aside from Skylarking? That’s what happens when you’re just so damn prolific) it is miles better than most career peaks.

What more can I say, it’s an XTC album, so if you have heard it you’ll know of what I speak, and if you haven’t, well, shame on you! Go out and give yourself a little treat.