Reason #254: Suspended Animation

Happy New Year, everyone! Here’s hoping 2016 is a good ‘un!

TheMonksLet’s start out with a bit of an obscurity, an album nearly every Canadian my age will recognize and pretty much no one else. The Monks (not the G.I.’s from the ’60’s Monks, THESE MONKS) only released two albums, and from what I have heard this one was only released in Canada, originally. It’s since been reissued on CD, don’t think it’s available on ITunes or Amazon as a download yet. Anyway, not as good as the debut (Bad Habits–click on the attached link for details), but still a hoot ‘n’ a hollar of a good time just the same.

Containing the same sort of power pop/punk as Bad Habits it boasts at least one stone cold classic single in Don’t Want No Reds, and a number of solid deep tracks like Don’t Bother Me (I’m A Christian), James Bondage, Grown Ups, Oxford Street and the title track. King Dong is funny (once), and I Can Do Anything You Like is borderline offensive, but the rest is pretty harmless fun. As Allmusic states: “Imagine 10cc if Chas & Dave had replaced Godley & Creme, then forced their bandmates to stop taking everything so damned seriously.”

And, lastly…GOTTA LOVE THAT COVER! Sorry about the video quality…click it for the audio.