Reason #248: Let’s Dance

bowieAside from responding to the posts of others I have refrained from offering my opinion on the death of David Bowie here on this blog for a number of reasons, all of them personal. Suffice to say that I consider the music of Bowie to be on the same level as The Beatles, The Kinks, Elvis, Sinatra…anyone who has ever made a popular record, basically. Most have stated the obvious, that being how important and influential his music was. That it was, but I also found his music to be enjoyable as well, and oftentimes quite life affirming. He was a master craftsman of perfect left field pop music and I am sad he is gone. I have not listened to Darkstar as of this writing, but It’s been ordered and I am looking forward to it as much as I am dreading it’s arrival. It’s going to be a hard listen, that much is certain.

I remember vividly the moment the music of David Bowie touched my soul. I was 12 years old and someone had brought a cassette of ChangesOneBowie on the school bus and played it through one of those massive double cassette “ghetto blasters”. The song that did it for me? Changes. In fact, at that age I’m sure I was going through a few myself. That mind blowing experience began an on again/off again affair with the man who sold the world/fell to earth/gave multiple generations some of the best and most influential music to ever be recorded, and Let’s Dance, while unavoidable at the time, was where I (briefly) got off the Bowie train.

I bought and subsequently played this to death, and still rate it highly. It’s his poppiest effort up to that point, but listening again a couple of days after his death I find Let’s Dance to be ahead of it’s time as well, and one of the nerviest offerings in his discography. Let’s Dance, Cat People, his version of China Girl; really kind of left field pop, and still sounds great to my ears. Only Modern Love seems tied to the times, and even that song remains enjoyable to say the least. And the cover, well, perhaps that’s a tad dated as well.

Like many of my peers I am listening to a whole lot of Bowie lately. He will always be remembered for his work in the 1970’s, and for his Dark Star, his swan song. But in between that, especially in the ’90’s and ’00’s, you’ll find a whole slew of good to great songs to embrace. You just have to look a little harder.

David Bowie Rest In Peace.