Reason #250: Another Perfect Day

Ahhhh, Lemmy. You were one of a kind, a real rock and roll icon. Rest In Peace, you luvable madman, you! 

motorheadThank GOD I was lucky enough to see Motorhead live. They opened for Alice Cooper, in London Ontario Canada, and that show remains one of the high points of my life, and is probably responsible for at least 30% of my hearing loss. Motorhead is a lot like AC/DC in the way they were able to stick to a template (that worked, obviously) while tweaking it juuust a tad each time a new album was released. With Motorhead the changes in sound were usually more often due to a lineup change more than anything else, but Lemmy’s bass and vocals made damn sure the band stayed true to their roots. Another Perfect Day is (in)famous for being the only album containing the singular axe-stylings of Thin Lizzy guitarist Brian Robertson. Easily identifiable, his unique fingerprints are all over this one. “Philthy Animal” Taylor is still behind the kit for this one, and it seems, at times, that Lemmy and Taylor are fighting a war with Robertson.

But look, this is still a Motorhead album, so there is plenty of hard rock speed freak boogie to be heard here, complete with Lemmy’s trademarked growl. If you’re into hard rock of any kind you can’t go wrong with ANY Motorhead album released between 1977-1987, and most after that are pretty damn good as well.