Reason #229: State Of Confusion

Let’s end April with another Kinks album, shall we? State Of Confusion, the last Kinks album I ever bought on vinyl, came out in 1993 and contained two of their biggest hits to… Continue reading

Reason #230 : One For The Road

The Kinks reached their goal to be stadium giants in the early ’80’s, and this is the document to prove it. I  saw the tour for Give The People What They Want, and… Continue reading

Vinyl Diggers

Quick plugola for a new group page myself and a couple of friends have created on Facebook: Vinyl Diggers. We needed a place where we could show off our finds after a day… Continue reading

Reason #231: Junk Culture

After the creative masterpiece (and commercial flop) that was Dazzle Ships, OMD rebounded with what was at the time their poppiest album to date, Junk Culture. But that is not really true. Aside… Continue reading

Reason #232: Basher: The Best Of Nick Lowe

As a rule I tend to shy away from including “Best Of” compilations on this list, but in the case of Nick Lowe, I feel I have to. You see, Lowe is far… Continue reading

“Classic” Rush, Ranked

I love Rush, especially what I consider their “Classic Period” from 1974 (the debut) through 1982’s Signals. These are the Rush albums that mean the most to me, and while I am becoming… Continue reading

Reason #233: Full Moon Fever

Full disclosure: I am not the biggest fan of Tom Petty; I appreciate him more than I listen to him, if that makes sense. I find him a bit derivative (1 part Dylan,… Continue reading

Vinyl Update

Just wanted to give you all a quick update on a little project I’ve been obsessing over for about 2 months. My wife bought me some vintage vinyl for my birthday, and from… Continue reading

Reason #235 and #234: Love and Electric

I credit this album, and the one that followed, in bringing guitar heroics back to the underground music scene and, ultimately, the mainstream. Billy Duffy is one hell of a guitarist, there is… Continue reading

Reason #236: Telekon

Following up the genius albums Replicas and The Pleasure Principal was never going to be easy, and by all documented accounts it wasn’t. Cars was just too massive a hit to go up… Continue reading