Vinyl Update

Just wanted to give you all a quick update on a little project I’ve been obsessing over for about 2 months. My wife bought me some vintage vinyl for my birthday, and from that point forward I have had the fever…bad. The experiment I have embarked on is to rebuild a fairly respectable vinyl collection, like I used to have with as many of the old standbys as possible.Now like most I need to work within a budget. A fairly tight budget, actually, because there is no way I am paying $30 for a single vinyl album (unless it’s really special), plus I have to remember that this is probably the fourth time I have bought most of these albums in one format or another. So I wanted to see what I could find at thrift shops, boot/garage/estate sales, and from one strategic, very well designed ad in the “Items Wanted” section of the newspaper I work for here in Northern California.

So, cheap then, is rule number one. Rule number two  is no crap. I don’t have time nor the interest to be  the caretaker of crap. The vinyl has to be in good shape, the cover can be rougher.

The focus, hopefully, will be on the ’70’s and ’80’s albums and artists I cherished as a kid. I figured that I’d find the ‘classic rock basics’ first, and I was right. I found complete or almost complete sets of The Beatles, The Stones, The Who, The Kinks and The Doors right away. All from some guy who was emptying out his storage unit and just wanted to unload them. I offered much, much more than he took, and I try to do this with every transaction when it makes sense. Some folks I meet have unrealistic expectations on what their albums are worth too, and I have to walk away.

The ad in the paper worked the best. I have scored the bulk of my collection from older folks who’s children have abandoned their music collections and left their parents with the responsibility of storing them, or donating them to hospice, or worse. So I am happy to relieve them of their burden, but I am not going to take advantage of anyone. That’s not me. I like to sleep soundly.

So, how’s it going? Pretty good. Here’s a picture of the stash so far:



That’s about 500 albums, each in their cozy little plastic sleeves. From Zeppelin to China Crisis, it’s going extremely well. Total cost thus far: about $200. Cheaper than a Corvette, no? That equates to about $.40 per album. The best part is that I am having an absolute blast reconnecting with a part of my past I thought long gone. I forgot how engrossing this could be. I’ll keep you posted as I progress. Two more “appointments” next week, so cross your fingers for me!