Reason #236: Telekon

Gary+Numan+Telekon+195415Following up the genius albums Replicas and The Pleasure Principal was never going to be easy, and by all documented accounts it wasn’t. Cars was just too massive a hit to go up against. Some critics savaged it at the time and Numan was labeled “one hit wonder” by most in North America. Pity, because time has been very kind to Telekon, and it is now regarded as a true ’80’s classic album and one of the best of Numan’s career. It still contains many frigid, atmospheric synth moments we expect with any Gary Numan LP and contains some out and out classic songs like We Are Glass, I Die: You Die (now available on reissues; should have always been there), and I Dream Of Wires.

Numan’s influence has been quite massive, and the 3-album run from Replicas to Telekon remain the ones to embrace.