Reason #230 : One For The Road

kinksThe Kinks reached their goal to be stadium giants in the early ’80’s, and this is the document to prove it. I  saw the tour for Give The People What They Want, and while some may say that I saw them well after their prime, I say I saw them at just the right time. Hearing Lola live is one of the highlights of my life, and the version you get here is pretty much exactly as I heard it, false stop and all, even if this album was recorded in, I think, 1979. I also think that Catch Me Now I’m Falling, Wish I Could Fly like Superman and Celluloid Heroes here are all definitive versions. Yes, I am blinded by nostalgia, but so what?

Not surprisingly their latter day material comes across better that some of the ’60’s stuff; the versions of All Day and All Of The Night and You Really Got Me, for example, sound a tad phoned in. A little “Vegas, Baby” for my liking. On the other hand, Victoria and David Watts sound fantastic! And Misfits, long a favorite, sounds even more poignant than the studio version.

If you’re so inclined, get the vinyl. It comes with a poster, and sounds brilliant.