Reason #237: Forever Now

There was (and I believe there still is) an amusement park in Ontario, Canada called Canada’s Wonderland. I haven’t been back for decades, but from what I can recall it was a pretty… Continue reading

Reason #238: Remain In Light

There’s not much I can say about this record; volumes upon volumes have been published on how great, and sonically groundbreaking, it was/remains. I can offer that it was my first real introduction… Continue reading

I Rediscovered The Beatles Today Oh Boy

With the news of the death of George Martin today I thought I’d dig up an old post from my other blog, edit it a tad and do a quick re-post. He really… Continue reading

A Old Flame Suddenly Appears…

Vinyl. Vinyl, vinyl, vinyl. I am a music fan torn between two mediums. My first introduction to the wonders of modern pop music came by way of vinyl LP’s.Their 12” artwork, gate-fold covers,… Continue reading

Reason #239: Fegmania!

1985’s Fegmania!, technically a Robyn Hitchcock and the Egyptians release (must give credit where it’s due), is regarded by most fans as one of his absolute best releases, and I will not argue… Continue reading

Reason #240: Aural Sculpture

I’ve always loved the music of The Stranglers and have always considered them one of the great unheralded acts of the Late ‘70’s/early ‘80’s. Truth be told they are still putting out quality… Continue reading

Reason #241: Abacab

I have a weird history with Genesis. The first Genesis album I ever heard in its entirety was Duke, and I didn’t even know Peter Gabriel was in the band until my mid… Continue reading

Reason #242: WAR

I have made my peace with the music of U2. I don’t go out of my way to listen to them all that often (Zooropa being the exception), but I can allow myself… Continue reading

Reason #243: Box Frenzy

PWEI, a band I was lucky enough to see twice, and one that I mostly associate with their 90’s output (which is uniformly terrific stuff), is just one of those great lost bands… Continue reading

Reason #244: Emotional Rescue

Is it weird that Emotional Rescue is my favorite Stones track? Probably, but that’s the truth. I love the whole disco vibe of the song… Mick’s falsetto warbling, Charlie’s metronomic drumming, the funky… Continue reading