Reason #244: Emotional Rescue

emotional rescueIs it weird that Emotional Rescue is my favorite Stones track? Probably, but that’s the truth. I love the whole disco vibe of the song… Mick’s falsetto warbling, Charlie’s metronomic drumming, the funky bass playing by Ronnie Wood…it all works great. Keith doesn’t have much to do on this one, and I heard that this direction was not championed by him at all. I’m sure Mick was emboldened by the success of Miss You Off Of Some Girls (another favorite of mine).

This album, like Tattoo You, was created using left overs from prior sessions, and not all of it is up to par. Tattoo You is the superior album for sure, as evidenced by the sub-par songs here: Send It To Me, Where The Boys Go, Summer Romance and Down In The Whole are all barely passable. But Dance (pt 1) is a fun way to kick off the album, and Let Me Go and Indian Girl are more than worthy…but the second best tune here has got to be She’s So Cold, a Stones classic in every sense of the word with a great vocal performance by Jagger and fantastic guitar playing by Richards.

Bottom line: A 3 star album by Rolling Stone standards, 4 star by everyone else’s.