Reason #237: Forever Now

pfursThere was (and I believe there still is) an amusement park in Ontario, Canada called Canada’s Wonderland. I haven’t been back for decades, but from what I can recall it was a pretty decent amusement park. I used to go there quite frequently as a teenager, but it wasn’t for the rides nor the cotton candy, but for the concerts. There I saw The Smiths (twice), OMD (twice), Talk Talk, The Fixx, Men Without Hats, The Cure, Depeche Mode, and more. I even had a ticket to see Neil Young, solo acoustic tour, that I scalped the night of the show, an act I regret today.

The one concert that really stands out for me there was The Psychedelic Furs. It was one of the park’s $5.00 summer concert promotions, and I believe Talk Talk opened for them. I remember begging my mother to let me go with my friend, which she did (she always relented, bless her heart). It was either ’82 or ’83, and the band was touring the Forever Now album, produced by Todd Rundgren, and was my introduction to this sorely under appreciated band. To hear the title track at maximum volume in an acoustically perfect outdoor amphitheater, is something I will never forget. Pretty In Pink, on prior album Talk Talk Talk, sounded raw and massive, and Love My Way sealed the deal. I was a fan for life after that performance.

Other songs off Forever now worth a mention are the bombastic President Gas (probably my favorite Furs song overall, if forced to make a choice), the drowsy Sleep Comes Down, and No Easy Street. To me it’s a perfect record, but I am sure my judgement has been clouded by nostalgia and my remembrances of that amazing gig.