Reason #238: Remain In Light

theadsThere’s not much I can say about this record; volumes upon volumes have been published on how great, and sonically groundbreaking, it was/remains. I can offer that it was my first real introduction to the name Brian Eno. I was very aware of later day Roxy Music, and knew that they were a much weirder band initially, but was ignorant of Eno’s contribution to the first two Roxy albums, and the music world in general. I was even less aware of his influence on so many of the bands that I loved.

Remain In Light is funk, punk, new wave, electro, ambient and jungle all in one glorious package. Of course there’s Once In A Lifetime, a song so well written and performed that it never ages. Hard to believe it flopped; until that great video gave it a new life on the charts. Born Under Punches is a great announcement and perfect choice for lead song, and sets up the storming Crosseyed And Painless, probably my favorite track on the album. The rest of the album just builds from there, going from mood to mood effortlessly. It’s an impeccably sequenced album and an ALBUM in the old school sense of the word.