I Rediscovered The Beatles Today Oh Boy

george_martinWith the news of the death of George Martin today I thought I’d dig up an old post from my other blog, edit it a tad and do a quick re-post. He really was an integral part of the Beatles success, and I’m so happy his son has taken on the Herculean task of following in his father’s footsteps.

George Martin R.I.P.  

So I’m in my car with the iPod in its “shuffle” mode and my musical mindset is not jivin’ with what’s shufflin’. I’m fast forwarding so much I almost run off the road in frustration. Then “Help” by the Beatles makes an appearance and I stop my finger twitching long enough to listen.

I mean really listen.

beatlesI enjoy it so much that I stop the random shuffle and go directly to a Beatles mix that I created when I first got my iPod a couple of years ago that, albeit very edited, lists selected tracks from this amazing group ranging from Love Me Do to The End, in chronological order naturally.

MY GOD, was there ever a band that evolved so fast in so little a time frame? Everyone reading this post already knows the answer to that question. All it takes is one listen of one song from each album released to come to the insane conclusion that these 4 individuals just weren’t human. From Me To You to Paperback Writer to Tomorrow Never Knows to A Day In The Life to Helter Skelter to Something. Honestly and truly that’s one hell of a run.

What did these four lads have to sign over to the devil in order to become…well…what they became?

I don’t make a point to listen to them nearly enough, either. Obviously, like most of the world’s population, I am pretty familiar with their discography, which leads to a lack of urgency I think. I can sit still and recreate the entirety of Revolver in my head if I want to. It’s tough to really appreciate their influence and brilliance when you’ve heard it so many times, but every once in a while I can pretend that I’ve never heard the White Album for example and be absolutely blown away.

I “rediscover” their brilliance at least once a year where I dedicate about a week to nothing but Beatles and solo Beatles discs. My love for them gets sparked, again, and I’m a happy camper.