Reason #229: State Of Confusion

state ofLet’s end April with another Kinks album, shall we? State Of Confusion, the last Kinks album I ever bought on vinyl, came out in 1993 and contained two of their biggest hits to date: Come Dancing, and Don’t Forget To Dance. To Me, State Of Confusion is Give The People What They Want, Part II. It’s more refined, maybe, but even the covers are similar: the whole band running away, as opposed to just Ray running away on the cover of GTPWTW. I think it’s pretty obvious they were trying to replicate the success of the prior record, and I think they almost got there. I don’t know what it is, actually, that makes me think of this as the lesser of the two.

Heart Of Gold is one of those “should have been massive” songs, and the title track is a good ‘un, as is the Dave Davies sung Bernadette.

At this point I would like to direct you to Kamer Tunes music blog, a blog that contains the ultimate Kinks discography dissection, and is quite a fun read to boot! CLICK HERE TO GO THERE NOW.