Reason #231: Junk Culture

junkAfter the creative masterpiece (and commercial flop) that was Dazzle Ships, OMD rebounded with what was at the time their poppiest album to date, Junk Culture. But that is not really true. Aside from Talking Loud And Clear and Locomotion, the rest of the songs are just as weird as those that came before. The title track, an instrumental, is probably the most experimental, while Tesla Girls is one of the weirdest songs of the 1980’s to bother the Billboard charts with its stuttering chorus and frantic tempo.

Never Turn away is one of the most beautiful songs OMD ever did, and while there are a couple of real duderinos (White Trash being the worst offender) Junk Culture is not hardly the artistic failure some would have you believe. To me it is a real treat and the perfect balance of art and commercialism.