Reason #211:Working With Fire And Steel: Possible Pop Songs, Volume 2

chinaOf course there has never been a “Volume One”, but that was the ’80’s. China Crisis were among the best and brightest of the British synth-pop bands. Often (and oddly) considered the English Steely Dan, China Crisis took the subtle charms of their first album and blew them up into technicolor pop gems on WWFAS. They were smarter than your average band and had hooks coming out of their ying-yangs. The title track’s pulsing charge is my personal favorite but this album is just littered with should have been smash hits. Uptempo numbers like Hannah Hannah, Animals In Jungles are nearly the equal of the title track, and the mid tempo songs are some of the highlights of the band’s career.

If you know China Crisis by one song it’s probably a good bet it’s Wishful Thinking. I’m pretty sure it appeared in at least one John Hughes movie, but I am not certain. It deserves it’s accolades, too. It’s one of the best ballads of the decade, synth-pop or no. Tragedy and Mystery and Soul Awakening are the other two stand-outs.

WWFAS pointed the band in the direction of next album and career highlight Flaunt The Imperfection where they (surprise surprise!) almost had a North American hit on their hands.