Reason #210: Bloody Nonsense

jazz butcherAny chance I have to wax poetic about the songwriting genius of Pat Smith and Max Eider is a chance I will take gladly. I have maintained my obsession with the output of The Jazz Butcher since I first bought this album, way back in 1986. It hasn’t waned one bit, because the output has been consistent and consistently excellent, right up to 2012’s magnificent Last Of The Gentleman Adventurers (just re-released on vinyl due to overwhelming demand!).

Bloody Nonsense is a compilation of cuts from earlier efforts released on the Glass label, an era of the band that a lot of fans think can’t be beat. One listen to the excellent choice cuts here and you may be inclined to agree. In addition, there is at least one re-recorded number and I think 2 songs exclusive to this LP. If you’re unfamiliar with The Jazz Butcher, then shame on you, go out and resolve the situation immediately. And if you live anywhere near London I would recommend seeing Pat and his new band live at your earliest convenience.

Oh, but I digress, as I so often do, when talking up The Butcher. As mentioned above Bloody Nonsense contains a superior re-recorded version of one of their most popular songs, Partytime, and it is definitive. It’s a faux lounge number with some of the cleverest lyrics around:

You always act so stupid
You always talk so dumb
But this is partytime
And you’ve got to say its better than a war
This is partytime
And its better than a cold bath with someone you dislike
This is partytime
And its good to drink for free when you haven’t any money
This is partytime
Oh, she might just possibly take me home

How’s that for a chorus, eh? Then there is The Human Jungle, probably my favorite Jazz Butcher song. I’ll include the audio below, but I think you’ll agree it is one of the great, lost songs of the 1980’s after you hear it. It is perfect.

There are no missteps or filler on Bloody Nonsense, no live versions or out takes, just 100% pure English, eccentric, lovable, sarcastic, philosophical, funny, power pop/jazz/rock/pop/punk/goth/folk tunes that you will find irresistible on first listen and 100 spins down the road.