Reason #212: Time

ELOTime, my favorite ELO album and rated a sickly 2-stars by Allmusic. This 1981 effort was recently cited as a major influence on Grandaddy, one of my favorite bands of the last 20 years. If you’ve never heard of them you best go find yourself a copy of The Sophtware Slump right now, daddy-o! When asked about specifics, head Grandaddy Jason Lytle said he ‘borrowed’ the whole dystopian vibe of Time era ELO, in addition to using the same vintage synthesizers and electronics as Jeff Lynne during that period.

The sound is unique in the ELO discography, that’s for sure, but the songs here are some of the catchiest Lynne would ever pen. I can’t find one bad thing to say about this album; listening again as I type this I am gob-struck by his genius. Forget about the “concept” and just lilsten to the songs, in sequence, for the full effect. Twilight, Hold On Tight, From The End Of The World, The Lights Go Down…they’re all excellent. Allmusic, the bastards, state that “. Time proves to be competent ELO but not great ELO.” They are wrong, of course. Time has been kind to Time, and this album is due for a reappraisal.