Reason #213: Root Hog Or Die

mojoAnother sex obsessed psychobilly effort from the gruesome twosome, and just as fantastic as the ones that came before it. As usual it’s good to go into a MN/SR album with the lowest of expectations and to just turn your adult brain completely off before you put the needle down. Root Hog Or Die is on par with what came before, but with better production values, and would be not just the last album of the 1980’s for the duo but the last Mojo Nixon/Skid Roper album period. Skid left after this was released, is what I’m tryin’ to say, for reasons unknown. I’m sure he released a solo album or two, but I never heard them. I mean, his washboard/hockey stick percussion setup doesn’t necessarily translate outside of the Mojo context.

Nevertheless you would never know there was trouble a brewin’, the scatological references are in abundance here and the music is fantastic, as per usual. George Thorogood on acid is the way I’ve been explaining Mojo Nixon to folks throughout the years since I’ve discovered him. Things start off with Debbie Gibson Is Pregnant (With My Two-Headed Love Child), and it’s a terrific way to kick off the album, followed by semi-hit (619) 239-King (another salute to Elvis). Incidentally, when you called that San Diego number you used to get an answering message with a private message from Mojo Nixon himself! Now it’s disconnected…sigh…

Chicken Drop is where Mojo basically sings the rules to chicken droppings bingo, Louisiana Liplock (“on my love pork chop!”) is just as childishly funny as the title may suggest (as is the ditty She’s Vibrator Dependent), Legalize It is an ahead-of-it’s-time ode to the sticky weed, and the Skid Roper sung Circus Mystery is just weird psychedlia.