Reason #331 Why The ’80′s Didn’t Suck: Liquidizer

I seriously debated whether or not I should include Liquidizer in this here little list of mine. On one hand I think some of the songs have dated rather poorly; on the other… Continue reading

It’s A Nice Day For A…White Wedding?

“And I put it to you that you HAVE to love Billy Idol. ‘Love’ really is the word. Even if you don’t like his records, there’s something badly wrong with anyone who doesn’t… Continue reading

Reason #332 Why The ’80′s Didn’t Suck: Lysergic Emanations

The Fuzztones appeal to my inner teenager. They are crass, sloppy, derivative, puerile, loud, and definitely one of the best bands on the planet! They were garage before it was hip to be,… Continue reading

Reason #333 Why The ’80′s Didn’t Suck: CA$H

Nast Rox Inc. were a dance/rock hybrid in the late ‘80’s, a cross between Jesus Jones and Renegade Soundwave, and the thing that made them stand out, to my ears anyway, were the… Continue reading

Reason #334 Why The ’80′s Didn’t Suck: If I Should Fall From Grace With God

Back in the ‘80’s, waiting 3 years between albums was asking quite a lot. When the Pogues released what I consider their masterpiece in 1985 (Rum, Sodomy and the Lash), I was a… Continue reading

Reason #335 Why The ’80′s Didn’t Suck: In Bath Of Bacon

This debut album by The Jazz Butcher is a rough diamond, containing the definitive version of Partytime, one of their most recognized and adored tracks. Allmusic states that “The songs here ( In… Continue reading

Welcome To My Nightmare

I can remember spending cold, summer nights at our cottage (in Grand Bend, Ontario, for those who care about such details), sometime around 1978 or maybe ’79, listening to Alice Cooper’s Welcome To… Continue reading

Reason #336 Why The ’80′s Didn’t Suck: Repo Man OST

This is most likely my favorite soundtrack of the 1980’s, aside from Bladerunner. This soundtrack, so far as I know, is the only place one can find the title track by Iggy Pop,… Continue reading

Reason #337 Why The ’80′s Didn’t Suck: This Is The Day, This Is The Hour, This…Is This!

Holy crap! How many posts down and I haven’t mentioned this album yet? If I had to pick one album that pretty much defined my musical life for at least the whole of… Continue reading

Reason #338 Why The ’80′s Didn’t Suck: HUP

When music talk turns to the topic of under appreciated artists the Wonder Stuff is always right near the top (Teenage Fanclub, Supergrass and Sloan are #’s 1 #2, and #3, respectively). They… Continue reading