“I wanna be just like you. I figure all I need is a lobotomy and some tights.”

The “New Wave” that most people associate with the 1980’s usually conjures up notions of tinny drum machines, silly haircuts and John Hughes soundtracks. And synthesizers. LOTS of synthesizers. And drum machines. Did… Continue reading

Reason #365 Why The ’80′s Didn’t Suck: The Crossing

The Steve Lillywhite produced The Crossing is like many Steve Lillywhite productions of the 1980′s: big, bombastic, stadium ready, earnest, and big. Did I say big? Lilywhite produced many excellent, iconic albums, among… Continue reading

Reason #366 Why The ’80′s Didn’t Suck: Shake It Up

The Cars are thought of as an ’80′s band, and it is true that they hit their commercial peak in 1984 with Heartbeat City, but really, if we’re honest, they hit their critical… Continue reading

Woodentops New Release

The forgotten Woodentops, who created one of the best debuts of the 1980′s, Giant (See “Reason #412, HERE), is back, and have just released a humdinger of an album! How cool is that?… Continue reading

John Hughes: Soul Sucking Destroyer Of Dreams

Oh how I’ve mellowed over the years… A couple of years ago I ran the following post about John Hughes, meant as an homage to the bands mentioned and a bit of a… Continue reading

Reason #367 Why The ’80′s Didn’t Suck: The Icicle Works

This is a splendid album, and quite the anomaly. Listen to the lyrics and the above par musicianship, odd time changes and you’ll discover that this was a prog rock album released smack… Continue reading

Is It Just Me?

I must be getting old. Take a look at the 2014 Lolapalooza lineup… I mean, Kings Of Freakin’ Leon, third billed? Compare it to the 1994 line-up, 20 years earlier… Evgen if you… Continue reading

Reason #368 Why The ’80′s Didn’t Suck: How To Be A…Zillionaire!

There is no dispute that The Lexicon Of Love, ABC’s debut album, is a classic for the ages, not just the 1980′s. This album, on the other hand, has split the fan base… Continue reading

HR Giger, Shriners, Tipper Gore and The Dead Kennedys

Does anyone remember the obscenity trial that was the result of the Dead Kennedy’s including a poster of the HR Giger painting entitled “Penis Landscape” in their LP “Frankenchrist”? You don’t have to… Continue reading

The Best Places To Start Your Frank Sinatra Obsession

I love all genres of music, and have favorite albums and artists in every decade since the 1950′s. My musical education doesn’t go back any further than that…yet. One of my favorites is… Continue reading