Reason #295: Punch The Clock

costelloThis is another one of those “forgotten” Costello releases that get lost between the power-pop brilliance of his first seven albums and his later-day genre exercises. It is a terific effort in my opinion, and the single Everyday I Write The Book is up there with his very best songs. It also may be the worst sounding of all his albums, production wise. Overproduced to within an inch of its life, Punch The Closk it is definitely his most “’80’s” sounding record and the great songs get lost in the gloss and sheen. The one exception is probably Shipbuilding, which needed that extra ‘oomph’ to make it’s point.

Give it another shot if you haven’t heard it in while, but make sure you get the latest remastered copy because it corrects some of the failings of the original ’80’s CD.