Reason #294: The Gift Of Music

jazzFirst off if you live anywhere in the UK and have not seen The Jazz Butcher live then shame on you! Pat Fish has a new combo out there, and is playing all over your neck of the woods. And if you go see him, please buy him a drink or seven and tell him that Uncle E says ‘Hi”.

Second, any chance I have to proclaim the genius of Pat Fish, Max Eider and mates I take, and I’ve still got lots and lots of albums and singles left in their discography to praise, chief among them The Gift Of Music, a collection that rounds up a ton of great singles and oddities. Like every Jazz Butcher album released in the ’80’s, collection or otherwise, it contains a HUGE percentage of A-list left of center pop tunes, and this one contains some of the best of the best!

Some of my all time favorites reside here: Marnie (a “punk version of Santana”, states Allmusic, and they’re not wrong), Southern Mark Smith and Rain (fantastic jangle pop, the later teaching REM how to do their job properly), their great rendition of the Modern Lovers Roadrunner, and the delightful sing-along oddity Water all rank very high within their massive discography. Real Men is a pounding number bemoaning the more ape-like males out there, and the jazz Butcher Meets The Prime Minister, Zombie Love and The Jazz Butcher Meets Count Dracula are all great garage rock tracks.

This collection’s great strength is that it flows like an album should, it’s musical variety adding to the overall enjoyment instead of distracting the listener as so many compilations do. It’s terrific, and by God I wish Fish would hurry up and bribe whoever he needs to bribe to get his early Glass Records catalogue back in circulation!!