Reason #218: Shuttered Room

fixxA much nervier release than Reach The Beach (their polished new wave masterpiece of 1983), this debut from what many here in North America consider “one hit wonders” is a terrific record from one of the few successful survivors of the first wave of new wave. Out of the gate it contained two classics in Stand Or Fall and Red Skies, and if those two sound a little, umm, cornily sloganistic (this should be a real word!) today, well then consider them guilty pleasures if you must. Me, I’m all about guilty pleasures anyway, and this album instantly satisfies that need.

Listening again to this record on vinyl for the first time in at least 30 years I am struck by how good this sounds, production wise. Also, how damn weird most of the tracks are. They are all uniformly catchy, but kind of in the same way that Ghost Rider from Suicide’s debut is catchy. Perhaps that’s an extreme example, but given the bland assembly line pabulum that passes for rock music today I think you could almost classify this stuff as ‘edgy’.

At any rate I am pleased to announce that Shuttered Room remains a pretty fun listen. Not essential, and not up to the high standards of Reach The Beach, or the underrated Phantoms (sure to be on this list someday), but a curio from the decade that warrants more than just a cursory listen.