Reason #226: Tyrants Of Teen Trash

Gruesomeslp-500x500I remember being handed a copy of the Lenny Kaye curated “Nuggets: Original Artyfacts Of  The First Psychedelic Era 1965-1968”  and being completely overwhelmed by what I was hearing. It opened my mind to a raw, amateur primal element I didn’t know existed in the 1960’s. The 1970’s, yes, with punk, but the 1960’s I had been exposed to at that point were the giant, well produced masterpieces by well known artists such as Beatles, Floyd, Kinks, etc. These songs were the punk anthems of their time. Underground tunes and lots and lots of tube amps and fuzztone effects. Growling, snotty vocals singing about girls, strychnine, hot-rods, ghouls and sex and drugs. It was intoxicating, so naturally I gravitated towards the so called “second wave” of garage bands, or “The Children Of Nuggets”. Out of the many, many bands I picked up around that time The Gruesomes debut, Tyrants Of Teen Trash was among the best.

If the name sounds familiar to you then I would suspect you are about my age and watched a lot of cartoons in the ’70’s. If not, then I might suggest you start with the Flintstones, about a year before the Great Gazoo made his first appearance on the show, and just binge until it makes sense. It’ll be worth it.

Bikers From Hell, The Witch, What’s Your Problem, Jack The Ripper (every 2nd gen garage band had a song called Jack The Ripper back then; kind of like every single rock band from the 1970’s had a song called Lady), Get Outta My Hair, Dementia 13…all just oooze raunchy sleaze and danger and, well, good times. It’s an amazing album from start to finish. Anyone who’s a fan of The Chesterfield Kings, The Fuzztones, The Cramps should check these guys out.

Oh, and they’re Canadians! From Montreal, as a matter of  fact. Way to represent, CANADA!!