Reason #227: No Sleep ‘Till Hammersmith

motorheadLemmy is gone, goddammit! No more new Motorhead albums. Bummer! I swear I thought if anyone was going to outlive Keith Richards it was going to be Lemmy. But no, he is gone to browner pastures, probably playing bass in Satan’s house band. Oh well, at least we have documents like No Sleep ‘Till Hammersmith to remember him by. This one is a real doozy, too. An early document of their live shows and containing blistering versions of Ace Of Spades, Iron Horse, (We Are) The Road Crew, Bomber, Motorhead, Overkill, No Class, Metropolis, and many more.

Featuring the original, and best, line up of “Philthy Animal” Taylor, “Fast” Eddie Clarke and, of course, Lemmy (I mean, do rock names get any better  than those three? I think not!), NSTH is an early document of the sheer power and magic these three possessed when they played together. It’s a breathtaking album and one of my favorite live albums of all time.