Reason #255: Love and Rockets

LOVE ANDThis self titled, fourth release by this most underrated of bands represents the beginning of the end for Love and Rockets. It remains their most popular album due to the massive, and fluke, success of So Alive (quite the sultry little alterna-pop song), but it is also probably their weirdest and most challenging album in their entire discography.

Some straightforward and crunchy rock and roll numbers like Motorcycle, No Big Deal and Bound For Hell bump up against more challenging and experimental fare like ****Jungle Law, Teardrop Collector and No Words No More. In between you get the typically blissful Rock and Roll Babylon.

It’s a good album, not their best but far from their worst, and it’s my contention that if they would have decided to make this their final bow their legacy would have been…cleaner, more respected.