Reason #259: Upstairs At Eric’s

yazQuite possibly the best cover art from all albums released in the 1980’s. Vince Clark, after leaving Depeche Mode, formed an alliance with songbird Allison Moyet (the Adele of her time) and formed Yaz (or Yazoo, depending where you’re from in the world). Upstairs At Eric’s is certainly a classic early electronic dance album, and features the well known Situation (look out for the extended mixes, they’re better) and Don’t Go, along with ballad and album standout Only You. Goodbye ’70’s hasn’t really aged that well, ditto Winter Kills, but the rest is all pretty killer, especially given how naive most synth-pop acts were around this time. It’s among the more forward thinking and, dare I say it, mature curios from the early part of the decade.