Reason #260: Bo-Day-Shus!!!

mojoThose three exclamation marks in the title of this record are an important indication of the craziness that lies within the grooves of this platter, my friends. If you are aware of Mojo Nixon at all it’s likely due to the MTV ‘hit’ that came from this album: Elvis Is Everywhere.

It’s a great song, but I prefer I Ain’t Gonna Piss In No Jar, or Wash No Dishes No More, or Don’t Want No Foo Foo Haircut On My Head. Or, perhaps, it’s the nostalgic tear jerker entitled Lincoln Logs, sung so beautifully by washtub percussionist Skid Roper, maybe that’s my favorite. With these guys it could be any number of numbers.

They’re goofy as shit, but they’re also FUN as shit, a quality sorely lacking in today’s bearded and anonymous bands and songwriters. If Jim Croce took speed and also maybe some low-grade acid) he would’ve sounded an awful lot like this dude. Does that help?