Reason #261: Psychocandy

psychoIt took a long time for Psychocandy’s charms to infect me. Back in ’85 I was heavily into hardcore punk and the fringes of what used to pass for “alternative” pop/Post Punk (Bauhaus, Love and Rockets, Joy Division, PIL, etc) and for some reason had no real inclination to give JAMC a solid listen. As a matter of fact it wasn’t until ’92-’93 that I started to pay attention, when Honey’s Dead was released. I am very well aware that many JAMC diehards consider this album to be the point where they “jumped the shark” (bonus points for anyone who can tell me the origin of this phrase without looking it up!). I happen to love this album, but that’s a post for another blog.

So Honey’s Dead was my introduction to them, and I worked my way backwards from there, eventually landing on Psychocandy Island. I have yet to leave. It’s terrific, and once you crack the code, the juxtaposition of feedback and melody is really breathtaking, and still unique as hell. I doubt we’d be talking about Loveless today if Psychocandy hadn’t existed. It really is the JAMC’s poppiest and sunniest album, with Just Like Honey leading the pack of great songs. The whole album is fantastic, but some of the flashier standouts include Never Understand, You Trip Me Up and Taste Of Cindy.