Reason #262: Stella

yelloMy one complaint with 1983’s You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess was the tinny production values. There is no such problem here, even on original pressings, from what I can gather. It sounds lush, and exotic, and has some great separation. Oh yeah, it also contains Oh Yeah, Yello’s biggest hit, used to great effect in some key scenes within some key John Hughes movies (specifically Ferris Bueller’s Day Off).

Because of Ferris (and the others) Oh Yeah is known by at least three generations, but it is hardly the sole reason to give Stella a listen. Instrumental Stalakdrama is aces, and Desire and Vicious Games are two of their absolute finest compositions. It’s my contention that Yello gets left out of the conversation far too often, especially when one considers how instrumental they were on IDM of the ’90’s and the ’00’s. Just ask Daft Punk. They’ll tell ya.