Reason #269: Surfer Rosa

The-PixiesThe original thought for this blog was that each post would take a fraction of the time it took over at my other blog, The Nightmare. I naively thought I could just come on over, get in and get out without much fuss. Silly me. As many of you are no doubt painfully aware I tend to go off topic from time to time, so the next few posts will be brief, I promise. Just the band, a very brief description (or opinion), and a video. Done and dusted.

So Surfer Rosa. Not my favorite Pixies album (that would be Doolittle, naturally), but certainly up there with the best of the decade. It’s a raw look at a new band destined to launch a musical movement, much like The Velvet Underground and Nico did, or even one of the three albums by Big Star. The difference being it didn’t take Pixies nearly as long to be heralded as it did the others. It’s really good. Get it now if you don’t already have it.