Reason #270: CODA

Led-Zeppelin-Coda-416782When In Through The Out Door was released I was 11 years old, and while I was familiar with Stairway To Heaven ITTOD served as my introduction to Led Zeppelin. I’m sure it tainted the way I viewed this band because I remained indifferent to their catalog for decades, only coming around and giving them a proper attentive listen with the release of the new remasters. Yes, I had IV and Mothership so I was familiar with their biggest songs, but I had no knowledge about the rest of their tracks. My ‘A-HA!’ moment came when listening to III. It’s now my favorite Zeppelin album.

With CODA I can remember it coming out and hearing one of the songs that they played on the radio (Ozone Baby? Wearing and Tearing?), but not much else. So when I bought the 3-cd remaster I wasn’t expecting much. After listening to it a number of times this past month I have to say, coupled with some of the better ‘bonus’ tracks, it is definitely worthy of sitting beside the others. It’s full of out takes, but so was Tattoo You, and that album remains one of my favorite Stones LP’s. Without those great bonus tracks here, however, it would remain slight in comparison. A decent EP. But the reissue adds so much I felt compelled to add it here. I really think it deserves it.