Reason #271: La Folie

stranglersMy favorite Stranglers album was released in 1979 (Rattus Norvegicus), but there are still three LP’s in their huge discography that will make this list. We start with La Folie. I went back and listened to it’s predecessor, The Gospel According To The Meninblack, but it remains mostly unlistenable. They rebounded with La Folie. It’s a better structured set of pop songs, and just happens to include my favorite Stranglers track, Golden Brown. It’s a waltz (!) about heroin addiction and it is utterly captivating, even after at least a couple of hundred listens. And while no other track matches the quality of Golden Brown, a few come close. The title track for instance, a blissful semi-instrumental, is terrific;  Non-Stop is more in line with some of their earlier, punkier classics, and Let Me Introduce You To The Family and Vietnamerica are fine songs in their own right. In comparison to their other classics (Rattus, No More Heroes, Black and White and especially The Raven), La Folie is about a 7. There’s some filler, just like every Stranglers album since their inception, but La Folie is a record worth repeated listens.

A side note: Giants, their 2012 effort, is the best album they’ve released in almost 30 years. You should pick it up.