Reason #272: Architecture And Morality

OMDThis little list of mine is random; I pick albums, and other stuff, from the 1980’s as they come to me. If I was ranking the albums (man what a nightmare that would be), OMD’s Architecture And Morality would be in the Top 25. It is one of those landmark albums where everything fit just right. The amazing cover by Peter Saville (destined to be a number unto himself in this list), the track sequencing and of course the songs, which were the best Andy McClusky and Paul Humphries had written up to that point. I have a feeling they knew what a gem they had; the audacity to record two songs with similar subject matter (Joan Of Arc) and to sequence them one after another on the album AND to release both as singles and to have both chart? Unbelievable, and I think unprecedented.

Opener The New Stone Age crackles and sputters and sounds like some kind of mutant hybrid of post-punk industrial pop. There’s no groove to this song but it remains one of the most compelling listens in their long and varied discography. Aside from the two singles mentioned above there are the heartfelt indie anthems She’s Leaving, Sealand and Georgia.

And then there’s Souvenir, my favorite song from not just this album but my favorite out of all their albums. It’s one of a handful of songs that can make me well up almost instantly upon hearing the first few notes. I’m not quite sure why that is, actually, but it does. Maybe it’s nostalgia? The music of OMD in general is very representative of the best of the decade for me, so it’s possible.

Just a great listen, still and always.