Sometimes I Don’t Get You

Hey, I fully understand the subjective nature of music enjoyment, I do. That is, why someone can listen, often, to something you either find heinous or just flat out don’t understand. Some can even make interesting and compelling arguments to why their opinion is the right opinion, or the only opinion. I’ve not only been there many times, I am still there, often, with many bands and many songs that just baffle some of my more “in tune with the times” friends. You can call this an old man’s rant if you’d like. It sure feels like that sometimes.

Now there are certain artists that are not only mysteries to me, but that I find absolutely devoid of talent and/or charisma. No one on this planet has a chance in hell, for example, of convincing me that Kanye West deserves the accolades he gets. Regularly. Yes, I hear what you’re saying; the man gets plenty of hate out there. Then why, oh why, does he still sell millions and millions of albums? An even better question would be why are we still talking about him? We shouldn’t care. But that’s our culture, and I suspect it has been like this for a very, very long time. I’m sure there was a Kanye West during the time of Shakespeare; hell, there’s evidence to suggest Olde William was the Kanye West of his time.

I know I’m rambling a bit, so here’s my point. There are plenty of albums and artists out there that I know I should like but have been unable to grasp, or enjoy. Here I’m looking for two things:

#1. I will list a few of those artists I speak of above and ask you, dear readers, to make the argument either for or against them. Maybe you’ll be able to convince me of their charms, who knows? And if you agree with me, maybe that’ll be the encouragement I need to achieve closure.

#2. Secondly, I would like you to list of a few of the artists that have eluded your pleasure radar, and maybe even tell us why you think that is.

It’s a lot to ask of you folks, I know, and I’ll get back to my ‘80’s list soon, I promise. So, thank you in advance for attempting to help a fellow sufferer and CHEERS everyone! The bands and/or albums I just don’t get are below. I’ve tried to avoid the obvious ones (Coldplay, Nickleback, Beiber, the afore mentioned Kanye, etc).

My Short List Of WTF Artists:

My Bloody Valentine, especially Loveless.

Sonic Youth, anything.


Any hip hop after 1995.

Metallica, and especially their drummer.

Kiss, aside from those amazing knee-high boots!

Eric Clapton (Disraili Gears was good, and I dig Cocaine, Laila and Lay Down Sally, but most of his stuff seems like English boy blues wankery)

The New IDM “acts”. You know who they are.