Reason #273: Blue Sunshine

the gloveFact #1. This album was named after a fictional (at the time) pharmaceutical grade LSD tab.

Fact #2. “The Glove” moniker was in homage to a character in The Beatles movie Yellow Submarine. The character was, um, a big blue glove.

Fact #3.  Vocalist Jeanette Landrey was basically a hired hand and had no creative input while “in the band”.

Fact #4. Even though this was a partnership between head Cure dude Robert Smith and Siouxsie And The Banshees main man Steven Severin, it still sounds just like an early ’80’s Cure record. A very good Cure record, though.

Fact #5. Robert Smith only sings on 2 of the songs, but if you get the deluxe edition you can hear him sing on all of the demos of the songs, most of which are of excellent quality. Kind of like Suicide fronted by Smith.

Fact #6. The Cure and The Banshees were riding high at the time of this release so it was basically ignored. Truthfully, I just found out about this about 10 years ago, 22 years after it was originally released, and I was a pretty big Cure fan back then.

Last Fact: This is a really good album. There are a couple of instrumental passages that kind of drag but the actual tunes are great, moody alterno-pop, and much more traditionally psychedelic than most Cure or Banshee albums. It’s definitely worth a spin or three.