Reason #275: Mike’s Murder

mike'sThe “soundtrack” to a pretty terrible ’80’s movie, if memory serves. A quick Allmusic search reminds me that these songs were recorded around the same time as those on Night And Day, and listening again it makes sense as the quality of numbers is up there with the best on N&D.

The first five are just amazing examples of what I like to call sophisto-pop (didn’t make it up, heard it somewhere, dug the sound of it, stole it), and any one would have fit perfectly on Night and Day. They would have made a great “Side 3”, actually. The remaining numbers are more trad sounding soundtrack numbers, and honestly I can’t remember any of them. It’s been decades since I owned the vinyl, but happily those first 5 tracks are available on my Deluxe Edition of Night and Day, which is where they should have been all along.

This remains a quality curiosity of the ’80’s, and one I revisit often. Check out Memphis below…