Reason #277: …Famous Last Words

famous lastIf George Harrison and Steely Dan had a baby it’d sound an awful lot like Supertramp. The ‘Tramp had two distinctly different singer/songwriters and by the time of this album, the last with Roger Hodgson they were barely talking. Hodgson had always worn his spirituality proudly on his frilly sleeve (thus the Harrison comparison), and Rick Davies (or, “The Hairier One”) usually went the prog/blues route. These differences, to me, were a major attraction and made their albums more enduring/endearing, but it ultimately led to the dissolution of the original band. And Famous Last Words, while not their best by any stretch, still contains some great musical moments.

Hodgson’s opener Crazy is a typical Supertramp song, all bounce and groove, lots of their trademark electric/acoustic piano, while Davies counters with his own Supertramp-By-Numbers song My Kind Of Lady. The album alternates between a Davies number and a Hodgeson one (I guess you could consider this their “Let It Be”?), and culminates in one of Rick Davies finest moments since Crime Of The Century, the epic Waiting So Long. Hodgson gets to cap the album, fittingly, with the semi-ironic Don’t Leave Me Now. It’s Raining Again has always been a little too twee for my tastes, but time has been pretty kind to the rest of the tracks.