Reason#278: Blue Monday

BlueMondayThe 12″ was just as important as the album during the 1980’s, and I suppose one could make the argument that the 12″ was more historically significant than the album, too, and Blue Monday would definitely be brought into evidence to support either. I would also argue that Blue Monday is the most significant 12″ single of all time. It was a smash in Europe and introduced many North Americans to the charms of British dance-rock, a sub-genre New Order basically invented here. If memory serves I was first introduced to New Order via Temptation, but it’s here (and on Power, Corruption and Lies) that I truly became a fan. I shan’t go into what the song sounds like because everyone on earth has heard it; but I had to include this as a separate entity. I think it’s warranted, don’t you?

Equally innovative was Peter Saville’s die-cut cover design of a floppy disk (plus color chart…code for the title?), and damn I still wish I had my original! Here’s a cool Top Of The Pops performance for you. Enjoy!