Reason #281 & #280: Sons And Fascination/Sister Feelings Call

sonssisterFrom Allmusic: “Sister Feelings Call was initially a bonus LP sold with part of the initial pressing of 1981’s Sons and Fascination. A month after Sons and Fascination was released, Sister Feelings Call was issued separately at a budget price. And then, for Virgin’s 1985 CD issue of Sons, Sister was added to the end (albeit minus “League of Nations” and “Sound in 70 Cities”).”

Clear as mud? It doesn’t matter how these two SImple Minds albums were released. All you need to know is that they were released smack dab in the middle of their creative peak and are two of the best albums in their discography, building on their mission to bring art rock and dance rock together. Both albums contain their fare share of classic art-pop moments: Sons and Fascination with In Trance As Mission, Sweat In Bullet and especially Love Song; Sister Feelings Call contains The American and Theme For Great Cities and is definitely the more experimental of the two.

But the legacy of both of these albums is where they pointed, sonically, which was directly at the anthemic euro-rock stylings of follow up New Gold Dream. As I have mentioned before you can’t go wrong with anything this band released from 1979’s Real To Real Cacophony all the way to ’84’s Sparkle In The Rain, their last great album of the 1980’s. For those that are keeping track, that’s SIX fantastic and groundbreaking albums in FIVE short years.