Reason #283 & #282: Bad Reputation and I Love Rock And Roll

I_love_rock_n'_roll_-_joan_jett_(album_cover)Credit I Love Rock and Roll in breaking down my teenage boy prejudices against women fronted rock bands. There was no way you could listen to I Love Rock and Roll and it’s blistering title track and not come away a fan. Once inside you found out that the band had variety to their sound,  as evidenced by their brilliant version of Crimson and Clover. Joan Jett was dangerous, sexy and androgynous at the same time, and her backing band had plenty of hard rock chops to back her up. It’s a fantastic entry point to her discography.

bad reputationHer debut, Bad Reputation, is even better, and much harder and much faster. And, yes, half the songs are cover versions, but doesn’t “Do You Wanna Touch Me (oh, yeah) sound better coming from Joan Jett than Gary Glitter?