Reason #289: Watts In A Tank

wattsHere’s an obscure one by a Dutch band called Diesel, an album that contained their one and only North American “hit”: Sausolito Summernight. That song contains a pretty terrific and very memorable guitar riff that’ll stay with you for days, I promise (watch the video below and just try and get it out of your noggin’).ย I was living in Canada when this was released (1981), and it eventually made it’s way all the way to the #1 slot there, so the song was absolutely EVERYWHERE. It only made it to #24 in the US, so I’m not sure how familiar you Yanks are with it, nor all you Europeans as I have no knowledge of how well it did there either. But it’s one of those catchy songs that just never left my world, you know, and the parent album is pretty good too. Going Back To China and Back In The Silver Mine were the other two singles, but they were definitely overshadowed by Sausolito, which was a GIANT. Favorite lyric, and one that I can definitely relate to:

We left for ‘Frisco in your Rambler
The radiator running dry
I’ve never been much of a gambler
And had a preference to fly

You said, forget about the airline
Let’s take the car and save the fareย
We blew a gasket on the Grapevine*
And eighty dollars on repairs

My radiator blew up on The Grapevine a few years ago, so I can sympathize with the boys from Diesel. For those who do not know “The Grapevine” is a mountain pass that connects Northern California to Southern California, and is a right bitch on older model cars and trucks! Steep, steep steep!