Silly Rant #10,777

50s guyyyPop artists used to really bother me. Let me clarify: Not “POP” artists, “POPULAR” artists. There’s a difference, because there has been, and will always be good, unpopular pop music and really, really bad music that is popular with the masses. Sloan, one of the best “pop” bands around, get absolutely no love except from their fellow Canadians, while no-talent hacks such as Kanye West sell millions. No one on the face of this planet will ever convince me that West will be remembered for anything but being a belligerent mouth piece who catered to the worst common denominator.

That said, there have been and will always be exceptions to that rule. That is to say, really, really good pop music that sells by the truckload and is adored by virtually everyone. The most recent example I can cite would have to be Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories. It’s a brilliant album, and sold millions, but more importantly and weirdly it is one of those rare albums that deserved it.

I used to be very outspoken about who I believed deserved accolades and who deserved to rot in the “where are they now” pile. Age, and my two daughters, have mellowed my mind, made me see the light so to speak. My oldest is really coming into her own as far as music is concerned. She has started a collection, is experimenting with really eclectic playlists on Spotify (ugh!) and has even (GUSH!) created some mixed CD’s for her friends! My youngest is a little slower in discovering the joys of tunes, preferring Youtube to Allmusic, Doctor Who to, well, The Who. But she’s coming around, and I have to shut my big trap when I hear something I don’t particularly care for emanating from her room, because at least she’s listening to something! She’s in the larval stage of her musical education, and although I’m trying to steer her in a particular direction, I know in my heart she’s going to go her own direction, and really and truly I think that’s cool.

Rebellion, or going against what your parents stood for, is a privilege, and I shan’t rob her of that pleasure and growth opportunity. If she likes modern cuuu…ahem…count….AHEM! If she wants to buy a damn Garth Brooks CD then who am I to tell her that’s wrong, right? Nah, I’ll just encourage her older sister to so that.

What was I talking about? Oh yes, I am a much gentler, more understanding music snob, very aware that should I continue in those High Infidelity ways of my youth I would end up a hypocrite of the highest order. For we all have our little guilty pleasures, don’t we. That’s a statement and not a question, because it can’t be answered any way other than in the affirmative, and you and I both know it.