Reason #290: The Works

queenI’m a Queen junkie, I always have been. They were my first musical obsession and it lasted until this album, The Works, released in 1984 and intended as a ‘return to roots’ album for Queen after the disastrous response the prior album, Hot Space, received. Well, it was kind of a return, but to me it was just another really good, eclectic Queen release. It also pointed towards the future with the smash hit “Radio Ga Ga”, a track that shattered their once staunch rule of “No Synthesizers!” That didn’t apply anymore, and even a superfan such as myself has to admit they took that a little too far here on the corny Machines (Or Back To Humans).

But Keep Passing The Open Windows is classic Queen and a glorious cousin to Don’t Stop Me Now from the 1978 album Jazz. Man On The Prowl is a little too much Mercury strutting for my tastes, but I Want To Break Free is one of the best songs they ever did, Hammer To Fall an excellent May rocker and Is This The World We Created? a classic Mercury album closer ballad that became ever more poignant and affecting since he left us in ’91.