Rediscovering The Beatles…Again.

beatlesEver since I first discovered the Beatles (before I hit double digits), and subsequently overplayed them, I’ve “re-discovered” them each and every year since. I’m afraid to tell you how many years that is, so I won’t. But once a year, usually somewhere around the summer months, I get an itch that only the fab four can scratch. I’ll get my 2009 CD remasters down from the shelf, put my ipod in a drawer, and start listening in chronological order, ‘cause that’s the best way to appreciate their inhuman growth over the short period of time they were together.

I mean, really, was there any other band in the history of recorded music that evolved so fast in such a short period of time? You can point to, say, Radiohead (Pablo Honey to OK Computer to Kid A), or maybe even The Stones (England’s Newest Hitmakers through Exile On Main Street), The Who (My Generation through Who’s Next), or The Kinks (The self-titled debut all the way to Muswell Hillbillies), or any other you can think of. All impressive trajectories, but none can come close to the growth of this band. From Love Me Do to the Abbey Road Side II suite of interconnecting songs is more than fantastic; it’s surreal.

Over the years the Beatles have seen their fare share of haters, and today is no different. I, personally, cannot trust another human being who doesn’t at least acknowledge their brilliance. You don’t have to like their music, but if you say you hate The Beatles then you’re just being a contradictory old (or young) prick that’s just looking to start an argument for the sake of starting an argument. I really think the music they made is beyond judgment by this point. Just the fact that almost 50 years since Love Me Do the band consistently breaks sales records each time a new compilation, or a reissue of one of their albums is released, should be enough to shut up the naysayers. The fact that I consistently see Beatles T-shirts on teenagers when I pick up my daughter from high school should tip us all off that the Beatles, and their legend, is immortal.

Whatever, I’m getting too old to engage people who are beyond engaging. All I know is that each time this craving comes around I tell myself that I really should pop these guys into the CD player more often.