Reason #299 Why The ’80’s Didn’t Suck: Sliding Gliding Worlds (Or, “The Blue One”)

ozricOriginally released on cassette only, as all the original first 6 albums were, and known as The Blue One, Ozric Tentacles fifth official release is more Hawkwind than the “Orb Meets Gong” sound that developed shortly thereafter, but it’s a cracking release just the same, full of grooves and exemplary musicianship. There’s no point in singling out particular songs, that’s not the point of an OT release; but if you put a gun to my head I’d say have a listen to Sliding and Gliding (below), or maybe Yaboop Yaboop to see if these lunatics are your particular cup of tea.

Are they prog? Sure. Are they dance? You bet. Trance? Uh-huh. Metal? Kind of. Techno? Bits and bobs. Oh, and all songs are 99%  instrumental, too, by the way, with one percent dedicated to moans, chants and/or wordless singing. It’s great out of the ordinary stuff, folks.