Reason #300 Why The ’80’s Didn’t Suck: Joe

inspiralAn Ep released at the tail end of the decade and one of the first mumblings of that thing we came to call the Madchester Sound. I hated the label “baggy”, and I don’t even know why, but I was OK with Madcherster. It sounded cool. I was also very OK with this band whom I think has been wrongly marginalized. Their ’90 debut Life is a fantastic document of the times, and ’92’s Revenge Of The Goldfish is even better. But this is where it really all started for the Inspiral Carpets. It’s where they found their sound, their look and their marketing strategy (“Cool As F**K” tee shirts, the stoned cartoon cow, etc). Also, Noel Gallagher was supposedly their roadie, a visual that never fails to make me smile! Maybe not the best place to start, but a goodie nonetheless. Drenched in Farfisa organ, a spazzy (yet funky) backbeat and warped, unintelligible lyrics…what’s not to dig?